About Delahaye Club

Founded in 1966 by Jean-Pierre BERNARD and his friends, the Delahaye Club is the guarantor of Delahaye brand’s History, the famous French car builder from 1894 to 1954, which vehicles inspired the world best coachbuilders like ANTEM, CHAPRON, DUBOS, FAGET VARNET, FIGONI FALASCHI, FRANAY, GUILLORE, LABOURDETTE, LETOURNEUR & MARCHAND, POURTOUT, SAOUTCHIK and some others worldwide.

The Club, holder of Société des Automobiles DELAHAYE licence, aims to help owners to restore their cars as faithfully to the original as possible, by means of mutual help, for all types of vehicles the brand built; to identify all the survivor models and to preserve authenticity of vehicles. The Club is uncompromising with quality of any product made under Delahaye name.

Our 200 members are spread all around the world (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia). The Club offers its members to attend shows, rallyes, dinners and others cars events. Several bulletins are published through the year and our members can benefit of our spare parts department and technical advise. The Club has also a lots of archives.