Our Club legal status (Association loi de 1901) don’t allow us to do profit. Spare parts we sell are exclusively reserved to Delahaye cars. These sales don’t consequently enter in competition with parts professionnal dealers.

Yet, parts can be sold to our members as a service to the Club subscribers. The spare parts service of the Club is only available for the members whose subscription has been paid for the current year.

Spare parts are neither recovered nor exchanged and unwarranted.


For Spare Parts order (except VLR – TYPE 182) please contact our Parts Manager :

Patrick LALLET
11, Place de l’Eglise

F – 87800 NEXON


Courriel : [email protected]

First contact by e-mail

Only for VLR (Type 182) parts please contact :

6 rue Lapérouse
93500 PANTIN
Courriel : [email protected]
Tél : 01 48 45 12 89
Fax : 01 48 91 71 42

Packaging and shipping to foreign countries are now possible. The spare parts will be shipped after agreement of the Member who orders and after reception of his payment (spare parts + packaging and shipping). For small parcels, we use COLISSIMO INTERNATIONAL. Otherwise, it will be UPS, DHL, FEDEX,…care of the Member.

The delivery of the ordered spare parts is eventually completed during meetings and rallyes, or at the stand of the Club Delahaye during the show we attend.

Payment with a cheque exclusively from a French Bank in Euros, that should be payable to the Club Delahaye. It is required that the cheque is on the personnal bank account of the Member who buys spare parts. Outside of FRANCE, we prefer bank transfer.

October 2023 Price list

Second Hand spare parts are sold “as is”

Limited availability for type 135 & 148L

DESIGNATIONPRICE (€) Type 134Type 135Type 135 MSType 148 LType 235
Half shaft length 796 or 820 mm450xxxx
Lock washers for engine (all models) 100xxxxx
Ring for handle brake shaft ext Ø 22, int Ø 20, length 20 mm 5xxx
Carbon Ring Ø 64 or 66 /40mm - 16mm thick for clutch (check diameter before order)20 x xx
Sealing Ring for water pump 15xxx
Brush for MARCHAL type QT starter motor 10xxx
2 steering tie-rods700 xxxxx
Terminal block for COTAL GearboxSOLD OUTxxx x
Exterior cap for Rudge front wheel hub Ø 58 mm in aluminium30xxxx
Bronze Oil drain plug Ø 30 (17mm square drive)30xxxxx
Sparkplug Ø 18 (21mm spanner)8xxx
Sparkplug ø14 for MS engine (21mm spanner)8xx
Rear suspension rubber shockDISCONTINUEDxxxxx
Front brake cable for 134 - length 1650x57555x
Rear brake cable for 134 - length 1790x63555x
Front brake cable for 135 & 148L - length 1710x63555xxx
Rear brake cable for 135- length 1770x6l555xx
Rear brake cable for 148L - length 1970x6l555x
Front brake cable for 235 - length 2075x63555x
Rear brake cable for 235 - length 1405x66055x
Engine timing chain80xxxxx
Securing cone for 3 spoke steering wheel30xxxxx
Door locking cone (Tempered steel)15xxxx
Flywheel ring gear 97 teeth Ø ext 313 mm 150xxxx
ventilator beltSOLD OUTxxx
Fuse box (SGE) - new manufacturingDISCONTINUEDxxxxx
Rubber pad for clutch or brake pedals35xxxxx
Rubber straight radiator hoseSOLD OUT xxxxx
Rubber corrugated radiator hose 22 xxxx
Spacer for inlet pipe (monocarb)60ENTRETOISE FIBRE MONOCARBUxxx
Spacer for MS inlet pipe70x
Alu wheel cover420 xxxx
Grille arrow80xxxx
Wheel flap7xxxxx
Sliding brass brush and tin welded spring and guide for rotating electromagnet on COTAL gear box MK 35 / MK 38SOLD OUTxxxx
Brass brush and tin welded spring for ground contact Ø 5 mm on Cotal GearBoxSOLD OUTxxxx
Mineral oil for Cotal gearbox SAE 40 or 30 (2 liters can)20xxxxx
Set of carburettor gasket SOLEX 40 PAI / AIP90xxxx
Cylinder head gasket for 6 cylinders engine 155 mm wide180xxx
Cylinder head gasket for 6 cylinders engine 160 mm wide180xxxx
Cylinder head gasket for 4 cylinders engine120x
Inlet manifold gasket, type MS18xx
Inlet and exhaust manifold gasket10 xxxxx
Exhaust flange gasket Ø 5030xxxx
Exhaust flange gasket Ø 4530 x
Maintenance set for petrole feeding pump type SEV 34 Ø 10050xxxxx
Contact screw set for Cotal gearbox command "moutardier"270xxxx
Rudge hub for one wheel650 (Front) 550 (Rear)xxxx
Cone lock for rear shaftDISCONTINUEDxxxx
Inlet manifold for135 M with three carburetors (new product)390 (each)x
Exhaust/inlet monocarburator manifold set (second hand)300xx
Brass identification plateON REQUESTxxxx
Clutch plate Diameter 240mm/150mm3400xxxx
Water pump (standard exchange )650xx
Exhaust line with stainless steel muffler800 NO SHIPPINGxxxx
Brush-holder électro rotating for Cotal gearboxDISCONTINUEDxxxx
Brush-holder for ground connector on Cotal gearboxDISCONTINUEDxxxxx
Overload spring for steering command tie rod Æ =17,5 mm, H=23 mm20xxxxx
Spring for Bendix pusher starter motor20xxxxx
Valve spring, external Ø 3210xxxxx
Valve spring, internal Ø 218xxxxx
Brake spring kit for one wheel150xxxx
Lock washer for Ø 14 PIN on front suspensionDISCONTINUEDxxxx
Bearings for Rudge hubs (all models)DISCONTINUEDxxx
Silentbloc for front spring Ø 1425xxxxx
Silentbloc for front suspension Ø 14 PIN20xxxxx
Silentbloc for front suspension Ø 16 PIN25xxx
Silentbloc 12/49.4 for engine mounting100xxxxx
Exhaust valve Ø 38 + guide (cast iron)
(for one cylinder)
Inlet valve Ø 40+ guide (for one cylinder)75xxxx
Inlet valve Ø 42 + guide (cast iron) for MS engine (for one cylinder)80xx
Set for 6 cylindres (12 valves + 12 guides)900xx
Set for 6 cylindres (12 valves + 12 guides) for MS engine930xx
Set for 4 cylindres (8 valves + 8 guides)600x
Silentbloc for front motor support for 18 cvDISCONTINUEDx
Brake drum for Rudge wheel500 ONLY FOR 135 18CVxxx
Distributor head for 6 cylinders60xxx
Screw for cylinder head Ø 12, pitch 150, length 120 mm33
Rotor arm for distributor 15xxxx
Contact breaker (vis platinées) for distributor 18xxxx